Background & Feature

The popularity of wireless communication and smart phones has changed the living habits of human beings around the world. Human face recognition, mobile payment, sharing bicycles, etc. have become an important part of our lives. New technologies and new things have caused inevitable impacts on many industries. The traditional security system will combine the invisible technology, artificial intelligence, and big data end-user community ecosystem.

"So the shackles of the shackles are so open that the people can't open them. The ancients call them the keys. Today's people call them locks." Locks are an important part of the security system. They are human-protected devices. Their history can be traced back to the West. The first 5000 years of matriarchal clan society: in order to protect private valuable property, use the animal skin to wrap the property, and the outside is tied with ropes, and the knot is firmly knotted. It is necessary to use a "frustration" made of animal bones to pick up the ropes. Open, become the prototype of the most original lock and key. About us