With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings are no longer satisfied with the application experience brought by the smart phone itself, but are trying every possible way to think about how to integrate the intelligent experience into real life. We start from the most basic family life application and concentrate on research and development. LOCKIS, generate key by precise calculation encryption and use the application installed on the mobile phone to issue an instruction to open the lock.

LOCKIS is a cross-generation smart lock product with many global product patents. It needs to add modules only and turn traditional mechanical lock into smart lock immediately, which solves the problem of traditional mechanical lock to smart lock transformation, it integrates the tradition and the future. LOCKIS uses sophisticated calculus Bluetooth encryption technology to make easier and convenient to open the lock.

LOCKIS Smart Bluetooth WIFI Touch Release Button

  • Using mobile phone instead of door card
  • Excellent door opening experience
  • Touch design
  • Remote door open via cloud network
Product Highlight
Invisible Technology
Without refuse the traditional lock and outlook design
Auto Re-Lock
Self brightness adaptive control
High Security
Adopting Bluetooth encryption technology that more secure that fingerprint
Hybrid Access
Access the lock with Bluetooth E-key & traditional key
Low Battery Alert
Push message to Mobile App when low battery
Access Logs
Recorded every access for lock opening
Easy to Install
5 mins easy installation without wiring connection
E-key Access with User Control
Generate e-key and transmit to specific user
Cloud-base Management Support
Integrate with powerful cloud-base management system
Access Mode
Detect Distance
0 – 10 m
Static Power Consumption
Battery Capacity
Battery Life
>10000 times or >1 yr
Low Voltage
Alert Material
Working Temperature
-10℃ to -50℃